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Nilza Costa is a brasilian singer and author born in Salvador (Bahia), with a heart beating for african ancient rhytms, transfigured through her singing in an extremely original artistic language: traditional forms of brasilian music culture such as Candonblé, Capoeira, Samba, Maculelé and “Cantigas de Roda” are sifted by an alternative attitude that stands out. Nilza Costa is an exponent of the revolution of people who found the way of emancipation  thanks to music and spirituality too. Her personal and artistic life, enriched by many live exibitions and prestigious collaborations (such as Roy Paci), is condensed in her debut album, Revolution, Rivoluzione, Revolução, a fascinating travel through the best World Music that taints Afro Jazz with Samba, Blues and hypnotic voodoo atmospheres. Nilza’s deep and dark voice guides us through ten tracks, starting from Obanixà, a prayer-invocation to one of the divinities of afro-brasilian cults; a journey that, through myths and references to distant places, leads to manifesto-songs such as Soberania Popular, a vibrant social and political condemnation featuring energetic guitars in a latin-gipsy key. Transitions in mysterious and dreamy places can also be found in tracks such as Blues de Yansa e Pedra do Pedro and the conclusive Lettera della Terra.

A magical itinerary suspended between cultures and languages, where lyrics in portuguese, english, italian and yoruba, an ancient idiom brought to South America by african slaves, are intensified by excellent instrumentalists’ contribution.
The album, produced in 2014 at Studio SoundLab in Bologna, features Peppe Siracusa and Alberto Irrera’s arrangements, Giancarlo Bianchetti on the guitar, Carlo Atti on the saxophone and Roberto Rossi on the drums, together with many other protagonists of the emilian scene.

Published by FonoFabrique, this album is distributed in several countries by Xango Music.

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Album di debutto "Revolution Rivoluzione Revolução" da ora disponibile su BandCamp!


Nilza’s live band consists of:

Roberto Rossi – Drums
Pippi Dimonte – Bass
Federico Codicé – Guitars